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Relationship Trauma Counseling for Women in Benicia & Vallejo, CA

In Person & Online

Come in. Connect. Heal.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Low self-esteem and never feeling you are enough? Mood swings, emotional outbursts or feelings numb? Confusion when you experience kindness and cruelty from the same person? Exhaustion from gaslighting, manipulation and blame? Second-guessing yourself or what you heard, felt, saw and know to be true? Difficulty saying "no", setting boundaries and "people pleasing"?

​Constant feelings of guilt and shame? Perfectionism, over-achieving or feeling the need to prove yourself? Feeling trapped or powerless within your relationships? Loneliness and feelings of isolation? Suppressing emotions or difficulty identifying and expressing feelings? Headaches, stomach issues, sleep disturbance, tension, bad dreams?

I Can Support You With...

Healthy Connections & Trust Issues

Anxiety & Trauma Symptoms

Freedom from

Stuck Patterns



Outcomes of Relationship Trauma Counseling

  • Experience safety and validation

  • Understand your responses/ reactions

  • Develop healthy ways to cope

  • Understand & heal from trauma
  • Identify harmful patterns

  • Trust your body's wisdom

  • Manage anxiety & trauma symptoms

  • Increase distress tolerance

  • Feel empowered over your life

  • Set & stick to healthy boundaries

  • Accept & love yourself

  • Clarify your values & needs 

  • Understand & express emotions

  • Communicate assertively

Most importantly: develop a trusting relationship with yourself to determine how to develop and navigate your relationships with others

Water Texture

Your opinion of you...

is the one that matters the most!

Welcome, I'm Simone and 
I'm so glad you're here!

I specialize in providing therapeutic support for interpersonal trauma, the harmful interactions that we experience within relationships and social interactions.

Finding the right therapist for you is important and, I'm happy to offer a safe and comfortable way for you to explore your options.


Request a free 20-minute consultation here.

Get to Know Me

Learn more about me or schedule a free 20-minute consultation to find out if my specialties are fit for you.

Reach out to me today (707) 200-8222  or

Simone Adkins

Simone Adkins, Founder

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT)

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200)


333 1st Street, Ste 2, Benicia, CA




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